At Brambleside Primary School the Governing Body is made up of a team who are responsible for: ensuring that all training, monitoring and performance is completed and evaluated,  challenging decisions that are made, setting strategies, linking with the local community and other bodies and acting as a 'Critical Friend' to the school.

The role of the Governing Board

Maintained school governing bodies and academy trust boards are the accountable bodies in law and as such must act collectively in the best interest of the children, ensuring the good conduct of the school and promoting high standards of educational achievement. 

The Chair of Governors is Mr W Parker, he can be contacted in writing via the school address.

Staff Absence Notice

The Governors wish to advise that no time off has been taken by any staff member who is a Union Official.

Governor Details September 2021

Current Members


Date of Appointment

End Date

Pecuniary Interests

Mr Bill Parker




Mr Richard Mann



Child at school

Mrs Doyin Jarvis




Current Governors

Current GovernorsType of GovernorAppointed byDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeRolesDeclaration of Interest
Mr Drew Brown Headteacher Board 01.09.16 01.09.16 Trustee None
Mr Bill Parker LEA Board 01.09.14 01.09.14 - 31.08.18 01.09.18 - 31.08.22 Chair / Finance /  Chair of Pay & Performance / Safeguarding / EYFS /SEND                                           Trustee None
Mrs Natalie Goosey Staff Governor Board 30.11.16 30.11.16 - 29.11.20      01.12.20 - 01.12.24 Curriculum None
Mrs Rachael Early Parent Governor Board 16.12.16  16.12.16 - 15.12.20     16.12.20 - 16.12.24 Vice Chair / Chair of Finance / Pay & Performance Stanion CofE Primary School
Mr Paul Hanson Parent Governor Board 01.11.2018 12.11.18 - 11.11.22 Curriculum / Training / Year 5 & 6 Children in Year 1  and Year 4
Dr Kevin Williams Community Governor Board 01.09.2019 01.09.19 - 31.08.23 Vice Chair /Finance / Curriculum / Pay & Performance/ Year 1 & 2 None
Mrs Carlene Cole Parent Governor Board 23.10.2019 23.10.19 - 22.10.23 Year 3 &4 Children in Reception and Year 4
Mr Roger Gibbard Community Governor Community 15.11.2021 15.11.21 - 14/11/2025   None

Academic Year 2020-2021 Governor Attendance

Drew Brown Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bill Parker Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Natalie Goosey Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rachael Early Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Doyin Jarvis Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kevin Williams Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Paul Hanson Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Carlene Cole Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes