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At Brambleside Primary School, the health, safety and welfare of our children are of paramount importance to us.   We respect our pupils and want to provide them with a stimulating and safe environment that encourages them to do their best. 

In order to keep our children safe at school, we:

  • ensure that all our staff – through their induction and ongoing training - have a clear understanding of their responsibilities towards our children’s safeguarding
  • make sure that we have a range of clear and up to date policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety and protection of our pupils in all aspects of school life
  • ensure that we teach our pupils how to keep themselves healthy and safe – in and out of school
  • ensure that we audit our safeguarding practices regularly so we remain vigilant

We have an open and honest atmosphere at school, where children are nurtured and taught that they are able to confide in any adult if they are worried about anything.


We have very clear expectations of our children’s behaviour and these are regularly discussed in class and whole school assemblies. In addition at the beginning of each year, children discuss with their Class teachers their own classroom rules and they are expected to follow them.  Our children learn from an early age that bullying in any form is not tolerated at Brambleside Primary and that we expect our staff to act as exemplary role models.

Inclusion and Equality

The school has a commitment to equality and accessibility for all and we believe that everyone at Brambleside Primary should be treated with care and respect. In PSHE, our RE lessons and assemblies we explore different ideas, cultures, faiths and beliefs to broaden our pupil’s awareness of the world and we teach tolerance and mutual respect.

Teaching and Learning

In addition to teaching our children about behaviour and attitudes, we also equip them with a range of practical learning via the curriculum to help keep them safe and healthy throughout their lives. Our PE and PHSE lessons include education on healthy diet, the importance of exercise, road and pedestrian safety, stranger danger and how to deal with bullying. Our Year 6 learn about sex, relationships, recognising signs of neglect, drug and alcohol abuse as well as more practical lessons such as cycle training.

From Key Stage 1 our children are taught about the importance of staying safe online. As this is a constantly changing world, we try to provide children and parents with as much up to date information as we can about practical ways to stay safe on the internet and E-safety teaching is incorporated regularly into all ICT lessons.

Our Staff

As already mentioned, our staff are expected to act as role models at all times. All members of staff – teaching and non-teaching alike – have been recruited following safer recruitment procedures. Their application forms and CVs are carefully scrutinised and any education or employment gaps are queried. References and all necessary DBS checks are undertaken as a matter of course and we keep an up to date single central record on our employees.

When a new member of staff joins our school they receive an induction which includes information on safeguarding and child protection. We also ensure that they have read part one of the Government's guidelines on Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022. Our safeguarding and child protection policy clearly sets out the school and our staff’s responsibilities towards ensuring that all children at Brambleside are kept safe and protected from harm. Our staff and governors undertake regular safeguarding and child protection training.

First Aid and Medical Needs

In addition to safeguarding and child protection training, a number of our staff have first aid and paediatric first aid qualifications. 

Staff with key safeguarding responsibilities

Our designated Child Protection and Safeguarding Leads are:

  • Michelle Eaton-Brown
  • Drew Brown
  • Natalie Goosey

Safeguarding Documents